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Responsibility starts where it's closest to you - Temperature measurement!

Be aware of important warning signals!

A high temperature is a reaction to disease specific stimuli. The body responds by increasing its temperature to assist its defences against specific disease mechanisms. Fluctuations in the body temperature can also be caused by reasons other than those relating to disease. The precise measurement of the body temperature is of the greatest medical significance. It permits illnesses to be diagnosed at an early stage, their course to be monitored, and the efficiency of prescribed therapies to be assessed.

Microlife Thermometers are quality products incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. Maximum precision and accuracy of measurement are achieved through the use of microcomputer technology. The instruments perform a self-test every time they are switched on to always guarantee the specified accuracy of measurements.
   Fever Management

Very fast and comfortable!

Fever Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers
Microlife's infrared Thermometers offer the most comfortable way to measure body temperature.

  10 Seconds
Allows a temperature measurement in 10 seconds - over 4 times faster than conventional digital thermometers.


60 Seconds
Standard pen-type thermometers with beeper and memory for easy use and accurate measurements.