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Microlife Technologies

1-Second Realtime Technology for Ear Thermometers

Microlife has developped a new 1-second IR Ear Thermometer that uses "real-time" technology. This new patented technology ensures superior accuracy.

10-Seconds Highspeed Technology

Microlife's new 10-seconds highspeed technology is found in our newest Digital Thermometers.

GoldTemp™ Technology


The Microlife GoldTemp™ Thermometers are gold-plated and are ideal for people who are sensitive to nickel, a metal used on the probes of standard thermometers. In as little as 60-seconds the GoldTemp™ Thermometers provide a measurement.

Forehead Technology - The fast, easy and comfortable way to get body temperature.

Forehead thermometers offer the least intrusive, and therefore most comfortable way to measure body temperature. Simply place the thermometer onto the patient's forehead and an infrared sensor detects the peak reading, while a second sensor measures the ambient temperature. The difference in these readings is
analysed, and according to clinically established offsets, a body temperature reading is determined and displayed on the LCD.