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Obesity in the medical sense is an excess of body fat!

Important Facts about Body Composition.

It is important to know the body composition of an individual in order to be able to estimate his/her health condition. So not only one's weight, but its quality needs defining, which means dividing the human body in two major components:
  • Lean body mass: bones, muscles, water, etc.
  • Fat body mass: adipose cells

Body fat mass - what is normal?
The total body fat mass is calculated by summing up the essential fat (or primary fat) and the spare fat (or storage fat). The essential fat is necessary for the metabolism and some spare fat, which is theoretically surplus, is necessary for those who carry out physical activities. Therefore, the normal percentage of fat mass on the body weight is approximately 16 % for men and 27 % for women.

Overall well being
For a correct control of one's ideal weight, it is important, in addition to the weight, to compare the body fat and body water percentage. The body water % is an important indication of the overall «well being» of a human being as water is the single most important component of body weight and represents more than half (about 60 %) of the total weight. Microlife's Body Fat Scale allows you to evaluate body composition and automatically calculates body fat and water percentage in relation to height, age and sex.
  Weight Management

Control your weight correctly!

Weight Management

Reliable measurements of your body weight are essential, if you want to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. Always weigh yourself on the same scale each day at the same time, preferably undressed and before breakfast.

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